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Any Woman Who Hates Fella’s Gorgeous Backside Is Insecure – Reggie Rockstone Jabs Trolls

Medikal took to social media and posted a picture of his wife Fella’s revealing body. The attention-seeking stunt loving couple received backlash from the public as they felt a married woman with a child had no business looking like that.

They hurriedly compared her to Tracy Sarkcess and Louisa Satekla whom they characterized as classy and worth emulating.

All the backlash seemed to rattle Reggie Rockstone and he went off on people who had a critique for Fella.

He described them as insecure. This meant they are not as confident in their looks as Fella is because they do not have a desirable body as she has. He also warned that he is the wrong guy to come at as he already knew he will receive backlash.

His predictions were definitely right as it took nothing short of a minute for people to start bombarding him with insults. From him being a busy body always in the comment section on Instagram, to saying he has shot himself in the foot because by his statement he clearly has an insecure wife since she never post pictures like that herself.

They called him irritating and hypocritical as he will praise Fela but never advise his wife and kids to do something like that.

Some however agreed with him and said the backlash was coming from a place of hate and they wish they had a body like hers to flaunt.

Others simply advised aggravated fans to mind their business and avoid the spirit of jealousy.

Grandpapa definitely had a dose of foul words before bed but will that stop him from commenting more and more? Probably not.

Watch back and forth here.

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