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Benedicta Gafah Teases Hajia4real After Allegedly Snatching Her Rich Baby Daddy

Top Ghanaian slay queen and actress, Benedicta Gafah is alleged to have snatched Hajia4real’s rich baby daddy, Latif.

According to reports, Bene is the one currently enjoying from the huge pocket of Hajia4real’s baby daddy because the two have gotten entangled in love.

Reports circulating on social media reveals that Bene currently have access to Latif’s house and phone like his partner should.

Instagram blogger Aba the great reported that Benedicta Gafah recently went for a housewarming party at Hajia4real’s baby daddy, Latif’s house and was behaving as if she’s got access to everything including his heart.

Benedicta Gafah was allegedly using Latif’s phone and playing games whilst the other ladies gathered at the party wondered what was going on.

Following the report, Benedicta Gafah has taken to social media to tease Hajiareal. She claims God has answered her prayers and given her heart desire.

She’s posted a bible verse praying for her fans to also receive such a blessing.


Hajia4real’s baby daddy, Latif was reportedly dating another best friend of Hajia identified as Nadia last year.

When the report came out about the relationship, Latif denied that there was nothing going on between them but magically he’s got himself another slay queen who seems very accomplished to have him to herself.

We hope he doesn’t dump Bene and grab another lady next year because karma is real..

Meanwhile, Hajia4real is busy promoting her new song, ‘BABY’ featuring Shatta Wale. She just doesn’t give a hoot!

I mean why worry if you can leave smaller fishes for bigger ones?

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