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Hushpuppi To Spend 20 Years In Jail After Pleading Guilty To Money Laundering Charges

Embattled Nigerian Instagram celebrity Hushpuppi had his nemesis catch up with him when he got himself arrested on suspicion of a £350 million cyber scam last year in Dubai.

He has since been in the custody of the police pending trial, but it appears a trial would not be necessary as Hushpuppi has pleaded guilty to a US Federal court for conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

Nigerian journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo broke the exclusive news on her Instagram handle. She wrote:

“#BREAKING EXCLUSIVE Ramon Abass aka @hushpuppi #hushpuppi has agreed to PLEAD GUILTY to US Federal Court to conspiracy to engage in money laundering of funds from BUSINESS EMAIL COMPROMISE SCAMS and other online heists. He will face up to 20 years at sentencing. I am the ONLY media professional who has been giving you exclusive updates on this case and BREAKING IT FIRST”.

She later made a video to talk about the case in detail.

Hushpuppi along with a Canadian businessman Galeb Alamari and another unnamed North Korean/Canadian conspirator were allegedly involved in Business Internet Compromise (BEC) fraud.

The arrest of the Nigerian socialite will serve as a wake up call to young boys who saw Hushpuppi as a role model and were beating themselves up about their humble lifestyles whenever he posted pictures flaunting his designer possessions.

One would think someone smart enough to scam people of such huge amounts of money would be smart enough to not put himself up for scrutiny into his diabolic lifestyle but here we are.

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