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Obinim Causes A Stir On Social Media With His Video Reaction To Black Sherif’s ‘Second Sermon’

Black Sherif is no doubt the hottest artist in Ghana at the moment, with his ‘Second Sermon’ making massive waves and getting great reviews.

Black Sherif released his latest joint Second Sermon on 16th July and he has been on the lips of music lovers since then. Second Sermon blew up so much it hit one million views on Youtube barely a week after its release.

Second Sermon is a follow up to his First Sermon, a track that propelled him into the limelight and gave us a taste of the hunger and passion raging within the young artiste.

Entertainment pundits like Abeiku Santana have prophesied great things into Black Sherif’s career, with others pitting him against Sarkodie whose ‘Coachella’ performance on Youtube fell flat compared to Second Sermon.

Second Sermon has blown up to the point where other artistes and celebrities are quoting his bars, with Kweku Frimpong trending on Twitter in its wake.

Fortunately and unfortunately for Black Sherif, his video has landed in the hands of our very own Angel Obinim who was so impressed that he had to break the video down for those of us who didn’t understand the song.

Obinim took it upon himself to bless us with a reaction video to Second Sermon and it is probably the most hilarious thting you will watch today.

One would wonder if God’s favourite angel took his time to actually listen to the song before daring to react, because some of his interpretations to the lyrics are the stuff comedy skits are made of.

He ended by requesting that Black Sherif be delivered from the sins he confessed in the song. The internet however is so amused and have asked a certain big-headed unfunny guy to hang his boots because Obinim is the new king of reaction videos.

Watch the video below:

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