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You are Gay! Even Animals Are Better than You – Kumchacha Clashes with LGBT Activist

Kumchacha was at the Neat Fm studios today where he gave his opinion on a host of topics but things got heated when he spoke on lgbtq+.

He spoke on how pastors should stop using the name of God when they want to sleep with women and to do it with their chest. He however condemned sleeping with married people as he said it is an abomination and it is better to sleep with prostitutes.

When asked where the name Kumchacha comes from, he said he was preaching in the US and someone in the congregation who was impressed with how many quotations of the Bible he could recite called him Kumchacha which is a Latin word that means an anointed man of God.

He also said he was given a “healing batule” by Abeiku Santana. He condemned fornication and said if you won’t go to a restaurant and ask to taste a plate of food before you buy it, you shouldn’t want to have s*x before marriage.

Things started to go left when he was asked that if he claims adultery and fornication is a crime, why not make laws to arrest people who do these things but rather he is in support of laws criminalizing LGBTQ since they are all sins.

His response was “I kind answer” as he believes that question should be directed to the president because heard the parliamentarians make the laws.

He further said homosxuality is from the devil and that men have too hard buttocks for two of them to sleep together. He said even goats do not have same-sx so if you do so, animals are wiser than you.

They were joined in by an LGBTQ activist who insisted that his projections on what is right by Christianity should not be projected on everyone else because not everyone is Christian.

He said if he is saying it is bad solely based off of Christianity, then non-Christians who do not believe it’s bad should not suffer for his western beliefs brought to him by slave masters.

He immediately shouted at the activist and called him a suspect.

This led to a series of arguments you can watch here.

The show had to end because it was getting heated.

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