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BBNaija Uriel Accused Of Sleeping With Nigerian Footballer Married To Her Friend – See Evidence

Uriel Oputa, a former BBNaija housemate, has been shamed by her close friend and accused of sleeping with her husband who is a footballer.

Uriel did not anticipate the expose when she went on social media to ‘Pretend’ to be a good person who has never had eyes for her friend’s property.

She stated that she was amazed at the number of desperate women who stormed the DM of her ex to convince him to fall for them after she shared a photo of her ex-boyfriend.

“pls why do women like other women’s property?? I posted a picture of my Ex who is my good friend. and his DM full .. even those telling me how much they love me done enter his dM saying don’t show Uriel.. biko ive seen .. I will never post my husband for Instagram biko i don’t have energy for everyday Night vigil,” she wrote on the gram.

The post angered her close friend and ex-wife of former Manchester United player, Jude Ighalo to make a dirty revelation about the reality star for calling out women who like to snatch people’s husbands.

Desuwa, the former wife of Jude Ighalo came out to shut Uriel up and threatened to expose her for the many times she slept with her husband and still had the courage to pretend to be a good friend.

She called the former BBNaija housemate a ‘yeyebrity’ and advised her to learn to keep quite like her colleagues who sleep around with married men.

Densuwa wrote in reply to Uriel, “This Girl don’t have shame oo. How about u f*cking MARRIED footballer? U go under his wife comment section commenting and doing friend friend. Hypocrites are always the first to point accusing finger. Be like it is time we start calling these yeyebrities out one by one. Aunty pls shut up don’t let me expose you. Stop running your mouth mouth IG, LEARN FROM YOUR OLOSHO COLLEAGUES.”

The adultery of former Manchester United player, Jude Ighalo, including his affair with Uriel, is said to be a major factor why Desuwa ended thier marriage.

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