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Petty Snitch Salma Mumin Admits Recording Moesha’s PA And Sending it to Friends

Salma Mumin has come out to address the recording out there of her and Moesha Boduong’s PA, a gossip called Nelson, talking about all the alleged sins of Moesha.

Nelson, for someone who works for Moesha, was willing to sell her out to an enemy of hers like Salma Mumin.

He called Salma and was talking to her about everything under the sun involving Moesha Boduong.

Nelson was telling Salma about alleged bad things Moesha had done to her – what kind of disloyal PA does that?

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He claimed Moesha is a jealous person and she always sees herself as being in a competition with her colleague slay queens so she could do anything just to keep being on top.

He alleged she had tried destroying many of them in different ways.

The audio leaked last night, making Salma into the biggest villain around.

Social media users have been blasting her for being evil and snitching on Moesha this way.

However, Salma has now come out to address the allegations.

She claims she recorded the audio but played no part in releasing it.

Yet, both she and Elikem had the audio and she later sent it to a friend called Sandra.

Just two people knowing something means it’s not a secret, when you make it three then you’re pretty much guaranteeing it will leak!

It’s just human nature.

It could also be Salma released it herself thinking the public will sympathise with her looking at how Nelson was painting Moesha black, but it has backfired because everyone is having sympathy for Moesha instead.

Having become public villain number one, Salma has apologised for the audio being released and said she has forgiven Moesha for everything that has happened.

Watch her below…

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