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Salma Mumin Is Not Evil – Check Out Throwback Chat Of How Moesha Dragged And Exposed Her To Her Followers

Salma Mumin and Moesha Boduong fell out a long time ago! It isn’t today that Salma has wronged Moesha or the other way round.

The two celebrities were very good friends who once even stayed together but along the way, they had their problems and they couldn’t resolve it.

Salma and Moesha then went their separate ways and decided to make enemies of themselves.

A throwback chat and video confirming that their hate started way back have popped up online.

In a video trending on social media, Salma Mumin revealed she would not be able to forgive Moesha when she thinks about what she’s done to her.

There’s also screenshots of Moesha dragging Salma and exposing her to her followers.

Moesha revealed that Salma is involved in juju but she has used her businesses to cover-up of the evil things she’s doing.

There were also allegations around the time that Moesha was going around badmouthing Salma to their mutual friends that Salma has allegedly buried a cow at her eatery to pull customers to her restaurant.

All that pain sitting in Salma makes it quite hard for her to just blink and say she’s forgiven Moesha Boduong.

Watch the video below and check out the screenshot as well;

Meanwhile, Salma Mumin is being dragged on social media because she secured proof of whatever evil things Moesha has allegedly done to her.

People are calling Salma evil because she chatted with Moesha Boduong’s personal assistant and she was wise enough to record him and used it to vindicate herself.

It’s just human that we are all sympathising with Moesha but it doesn’t wipe the pain of the people she has hurt.

It’s their choice to forgive her. We can’t really force them.

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