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‘Who is Ayisha Modi? I’m Above Her’ – Hajia4real Loses Cool In Interview

Hajia4real seems to be on a media run as she has made several claims today but she seemed particularly aggravated when asked about Ayisha Modi.

On an interview with Sammy Kay, Hajia was passive-aggressive when asked about her beef with Aisha Modi and seemed disturbed that both her name and Ayisha Modi’s will be placed in the same sentence.

When asked if they have squashed their beef, disgusted Mona said she has never set her eyes or had any encounter with her and she has no relation to her as their paths will never meet.

She seems so shocked when Sammy Kay mentioned that Ayisha shaded her (Mona) and she replied but Mona insisted she does not know who he is talking about.

Sammy told her Aisha Modi spoke about Mona and she replied back but Mona insisted she does not know her with a confused face. He still was hitting the nail and reminded her of what Ayisha Modi said which was her talking about the fact that Shatta Wale calls Hajia4real mummy despite being older than her.

He reminded Mona that she posted a picture of herself and Shatta Wale and captioned it “when your godson becomes your threesome partner”. Hajia laughed and said “showbiz dier y3nyinaa y3 catche cruise”

She immediately asked that the next question should be asked as she was seemingly disgusted that she will speak on Ayesha Modi’s issue.

She was asked about a series of questions which she answered but this topic was what she seemed to be more offended by.

Watch full interview below;

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