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Shatta Wale’s Secret Evil Plan to Sabotage Sarkodie’s Album Release Exposed – Details

Sarkodie released his album, ‘No Pressure’, today, Friday, July 30th, after weeks of nonstop hype.

Sarkodie and his team really hyped the album and you could tell they were hoping it would take over the whole country once released and probably be one of the albums of the year.

Instead, ‘No Pressure’ is trending but still having to compete with other unforeseen trending events such as ‘Our Day’ boy Oswald.

In fact, Sark nation fans are complaining that the boy is taking more attention than their king.

But before today and Oswald’s unexpected fame, Shatta Wale, who publicly was showing love and support to Sarkodie, was allegedly plotting against him privately.

Instablogger thosecaledcelebs claims that Shatta Wale hatched a plan with his godmother/alleged 3-some partner Hajia 4 Real to sabotage Wale.

Hajia 4 Real also released her latest single, ‘Baby’, this week, just a couple of days before Sarkodie’s album launch.

The blogger claims Wale and Hajia had a plan to use that to hijack Sarkodie’s album launch.

Shockingly, that was also the day Salma Mumin decided to leak an explosive audio of herself gossiping about Moesha Boduong with Moesha’s PA and that took all their shine.

The alleged sabotage did not even get the chance to happen.

Someway, somehow, they got what they wanted though as Oswald the ‘our day’ boy is also sucking a lot of attention from Sarkodie today.

This is a fun thing to think about – seems Wale is still consumed with jealousy towards Sark.

We can’t tell if Wale actually planned any sabotage or not but knowing the kind of person he is, we won’t put something like this beyond him.

Checkout the allegation against Wale below…

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