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Oswald’s Parents Should Be Ashamed, they Look Like Beggars – Adom Fm Presenter Goes Wild

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Adom Fm presenter Miketwo Miketwo has gone ballistic on the parents of the ‘Our Day’ boy, Oswald.

According to Miketwo, the couple should be ashamed of themselves for bringing their son out in that manner to be catered for by others when they are very capable of looking after him.

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According to him, they are coming off like beggars!

Oswald and his family were the trending item for all of yesterday, Friday, July 30th 2021.

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The young boy wrote a letter to his mother making some requests for his ‘Our Day’ celebration.

The letter went viral on social media and all sorts of companies and brands came on board to donate to the boy.

He received donations from pizza companies, food and drink companies, an iPad from a former education minister and musical performances from artistes such as KiDi, Dope Nation and Mr Drew.

And that’s not even half of what he got!

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Social media was split over the issue, with some saying the boy has just been blessed with grace but others saying as a rich boy from a privileged home, he’s not exactly the one who needs all those donations!

You can see where Miketwo falls on that spectrum as he’s given his two cents on the issue.

He wrote: “Hypocrisy at its highest level on the of the companies donated to the young boy.

“I want to know if the young boy and the family are vulnerables who cant even afford any of those items listed by the boy?

“Isn’t a kind of shame to the family if they can afford such items to be ridiculed by exposing the young boy in the public?

“I will not put my child to what i describe as public ridicule to bring shame to me if i can afford buying such things for him..

“Now politicians want to conscientise this very young boy to join a party he might not thing it of in the near future.

“Donation is good but we must not practice misplaced priorities..”

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