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Extraneous Archipalago Pathetically Jabs Twene Jonas Again In Hopes of A Reply

It can hurt if the underdog overtakes the OG but resorting to cheap attack only makes one a sore loser.

Archipelago has shamefully jabbed Twene Jonas again in hopes of a reply.

Seeing that his attacks only goes as far as his followers, Archipelago decided to throw more shots, maybe this time, he will get a crumb of attention. Let’s talk about his attacks on Twene Jonas before this recent one.

He calls Twene Jonas and anyone who supports him an animal. He mentioned that only immature people will insult the elderly in telling them to fix the country. He also said he pioneered the trend of getting on social media to tell the government to attend to pressing needs of the country but never resorted to insults.

He went on to say with all the insults Twene Jonas meted out, there hasn’t been any changes. (Like his “non-abusive” ways he claimed he used in the past brought any change too).

His video did not receive any response from Twene Jonas and this seemed to irritate him as he was being mocked by fans. Archipelago decided to take one more chance and jab him once more.

Getting to the issue, He (Archipelago) said he deserves props for being a good actor and all bystanders insulting him are stupid. He mentioned that he could throw insults back but he is a respectful person (he threw insults right before making this claim. How confusing). As he was accused of going to look for Twene Jonas, he seemed to be particularly worried about that.

He said it will be unwise to inform someone you have beef with that you are on your way to where they are. He paid particular attention to the ugly people calling him ugly and found it comical.

He threatened them to ask about him and other threatening words you can listen to here:

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