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MzGee In Hot Water as Angry Kumericans Chase her for Passing Degrading Remarks – Video

Put some respek on their name! The Kumericans did not come this far to be put in a box and MzGee is at the receiving end of their backlash.

In an interview with YPee, a Kumasi based rapper, she was seen trying to water down his sentiments of being the best rapper in Ghana after he made those claims.

YPee was heard saying “I am the best rapper” and she replied “where!?” She took it further to ask if he means only in Kumerica. Uncomfortable as it was, the rapper replied saying everywhere and she still went ahead to belittle his belief.

She asked if Tema and Sowutuom are included, insinuating that Sarkodie, Paedae and Medikal are way better rappers but the artist still kept his ground and maintained that he is indeed the best rapper in Ghana and not just at a particular demographic.

Blogger Zion Felix took to his Instagram to express his displeasure at the disrespect and stated that Ghana is Ghana. He asked the question if YPee can’t be the best in Ghana and the comment section took over with the vawulence.

YPee commented with “FACTS” which proves that he felt disrespected by her remarks while others also were of the opinion that the presenter is no stranger to underrating people on her show. Others shared with the sentiment that that was a very discouraging encounter and they are glad Wendy Shay gave her the same energy when she tried it with her.

Some commentators also made other revelations you can read in the comment section of the video.

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