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Stinky Opportunist! – Abeiku Santana Releases Wrath on Obinim for Trying to Use Black Sherif to Trend

It’s trouble for the brothers in Christ. Abeiku Santana has had enough of Obinim’s antics and this is what he had to say.

Abeiku Santana was furious and had a lot to say about Obinim being a leech. In a video, he angrily stated that, he gave a prophecy on Black Sherif’s musical success particularly how he will take over the whole continent and be the biggest musician in Ghana which will have all musicians chasing after him.

He mentioned that God used him as a vessel to make a prophecy in April and in July, it has started to manifest physically as we can see that he is the hottest artist right now and not only musicians but pastors like Obinim and Ajaguraja are chasing him.

He asked Obinim where he was when he was speaking into Black Sherif’s life as a nobody but now, he (Obinim), has taken his video and is trending with it.

He was angered by the fact that Obinim as a prophet did not see Black Sherif in the spiritual realm before he became a big star but right when his music career is taking off, he is trending with him.

He asked angrily where Obinim was when he was doing all the prophecy work. What seemed to annoy him the most was the fact that he was not trending for spiritual reasons but for worldly reasons like doing a review for a song which does not typically represent the Christian God as it can’t be played in church.

He added that he should not capitalize on the movement as the movement is the “SAD BOYS” movement and Obinim is not a sad boy but a rich man.

Well, as men of God it will be assumed that they will just be happy for Black Sherif and not try to claim him as a prophetic property but as we can see, things are not the same anymore, Christo som ay3 nsem pii.

Watch him lament here…

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