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‘They Don’t Care About Us So We Have To Care About Ourselves’ – Efia Odo Realizes Ghana Is Not Worth Fighting For

Efia Odo went on a very brief social media break after expending all her energy on fighting to fix the country and has returned to continue being the half-naked ashawobrity we have come to know her to be.

Efia Odo joined the Fix The Country campaign and dedicated her platforms to highlighting the wrongs in the system and appealing to the government to right the accumulated wrongs.

The Fix The Country movement took a rather dramatic and unfortunate turn with the gunning down of Kaaka, a popular activist in Ejura which led to a commission getting formed to investigate the events that led to his death.

Apparently, Kaaka’s death did a number on Efia Odo as she was crying in an interview with Kofi Adoma about mean people on social media blaming her for the death of the activist.

Shortly after that Efia Odo announced that she was to go on a social media hiatus on account of mental instabilty, a decision which cost her an ambassadorial deal with Euro Décor. The decorating company suspended the contract pending review because she chose to go on a break when their commitment requires a constant presence on social media.

Efia did not last long on her hiatus and is back with her usual shenanigans, this time courting attention by flaunting her female lover on social media.

It seems the days of activism are over for Efia Odo. She made a tweet saying “they” don’t care about us so we need to care about ourselves. We’re assuming she is referring to the government.

Efia Odo has realized that she was only wasting her time and things are going to remain the same, so she just come and kill herself for Ghana.

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