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Black Sherif Finally Shows Us His Girlfriend And You Won’t Believe Who She Is – Photo

The sad boys found their happy place and it’s in the chest of a woman. Black Sherif’s girlfriend was tired of being hidden and decided to go ahead and introduce herself to us.

A lovely dark-skinned girl uploaded her photo on Twitter with the caption “Blacko has my heart😩😩❤️🥺”. Onlookers were wondering if these two were a thing and when he realized observers are very worried, he confirmed it by quoting the tweet.

We were thinking that ‘rastaman dier love fa Wo ho ben’ but we were so wrong. His reply signified he was very happy with his big breasted girlfriend and did not mind that she is spoiling his market.

People who suspected he had her after the fame rained insults on her and called her a gold digger.

Quite harsh but I mean, if you decide to violate the privacy of your newly found partner and make your relationship known while he was obviously trying to hide you, you deserve what you get.

He also received some heat and was told to focus on his career because he is too young for that big body. Maybe he is following the footsteps of Yaw Tog and letting his love for women precede his need for industry longevity.

Showing your leading lady when you barely have any songs out does not seem to work for artistes most of the time. Your career and love life will quickly fade off like magic (because we can’t seem to place our finger as to why). Well established artistes try hard to hide their personal lives but the rookie will always rush for the cookie.

We just hope he doesn’t suffocate in all that goodness and at least use all that chest as inspiration one way or the other.

Watch the love birds flirt here:

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