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Dr UN Claims His Story Of Impregnating 17-Year Old SHS Girl Is Hype For A Movie

Kwame Fordjour, a popular Ghanaian con artist famed as Dr. UN, has cooked up one of the lousiest lies to cover up the story of impregnating a 17-year-old Matilda.

Upon all the lies in the world, what Dr. UN could come up with was that news of he impregnating an underage high school girl was all a hype for his upcoming movie.

According to him, the interviews and viral videos that circulated online were all part of a grand plan to hype the movie.

“It is not true that I impregnated anyone”.

“I wouldn’t have gotten the confidence to come on radio to defend it because issues like this are very serious and usually discussed in private with the families involved not one that will be discussed on social media or radio,” he said in an interview.

He added that he knew Ghanaians would talk about him if he faked a pregnancy with a minor and it worked perfectly to his favor.

Dr. UN stated in an interview on TV3 that the movie will be premiered on his birthday 27th August and the movie will also come with the release of his debut music album.

Social media users are accusing Dr. UN of fabricating stories to kill rising issues that may lead to his imprisonment.

Reports say the 17 year old SHS girl has granted an interview claiming that Dr. UN is forcing her to abort the pregnancy.

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