Elmina fishermen lament extended closed season


Some Fishermen in Elmina in the Central Region are angry with the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development’s decision to extend the ban on fishing activities for another month.

The fishermen say they fear criminal activities may rise in coastal towns as a result of the extended ban on fishing activities.

“We are starving in this community as a result of the ban. Criminal activities increased during the initial ban, and it will be worse in the extended period. Apart from KEEA where there are jobs, the situation is different here.”

“The only thing we do here is fishing and if we spend a day without going for fishing it will affect economic activities in the enclave,” one of the fishermen said.

According to other fishermen and fishmongers, the extended ban will affect economic activities in the area since fishing is their only source of livelihood.

“We have to go through a lot in the initial ban as women. I have four children and times are bad. What the Minister is doing will in the long run affect the fortunes of the NPP government. We want to beg her to revert the decision,” a fishmonger complained.

Others also believe failure on the part of the Fisheries Ministry to reverse the ban will affect the fortunes of the NPP government in the 2024 elections.

“We want to beg President Akufo-Addo to talk to the Minister on our behalf. There are no white colour jobs in Elmina here unlike other areas. The Minister is not treating the people of the coast well and this can affect the government. The leadership of the NPP must resolve these issues.”

“Even if we have wronged her, she must forgive us. Most of the NPP supporters in Elmina have crossed the carpet to the NDC as a result of the move,” one man said.

The Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Mavis Hawa Koomson, extended the closed season and also denied them premix fuel as punishment for their unwillingness to renounce light fishing.

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