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‘Jon’ Medikal Laughs As Shatta Wale And His Wife Dance Explicitly

The Frimpong’s just refuse to grow up. If your wife decides to be the clown of the circus, it will be in your best interest to disassociate but not for Medikal.

Fella Makafui was embarrassingly dancing in ways mothers should not do. Being overwhelmed by the attention she was receiving, she decided to entice Shatta Wale to a dance and the rest was history.

Fella was caught dancing with Shatta Wale and he took it way too far. We cannot be surprised because Shatta Wale long smoked his morals away and will never consider the implications of his actions.

Fella on the other hand was the person much was expected from. Umm maybe. A couple who will purposefully plan their next trend of action will definitely not mind making the wife a sacrificial lamb.

It’s one thing to neglect your child at home and party, and it’s another to disgrace your family name while at it. Fella and Shatta were seen dancing in ways their kids will grow up to hate and Medikal had no option but to laugh it off.

Clearly Medikal is deeply afraid of his wife which makes us wonder what goes on behind closed doors. No man should laugh when his wife is dancing disrespectfully with another man, especially in his presence.

A simple google search by Island in a few years will have her in tears and we truly hate that for her. Medikal posting the picture of Fella’s nak*dness to trend was bottom of the barrel low but watch them beat their record here:

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