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Keep Your Donations Coming, We’ve Raised Only $50m for the National Cathedral – Project PRO tells Ghanaians

The head of the church relations with the National Cathedral project, Rev Ameyaw Ebenezer Saka, has called on Ghanaians to send in their Ghc 100 donations for the project.

Rev Saka said on 3Fm’s ‘First Take’ earlier today, Monday, August 2nd, that they have raised roughly $50m for the project.

This money was raised from the government’s seed money and three fundraisers held by project organisers.

Whilst still trying to raise the rest, they are calling on Ghanaians to send in their contributions.

The cost of the project is expected to exceed 100 million dollars.

Rev Saka said: “On the onset before the Biblical Garden and the Bible Museum, it was pegged at a hundred million dollars, now that it has been added it will be a bit higher. I can’t tell you exactly but it will be a bit higher than the hundred million dollars,”

Yes, you heard right. In the same country where people in many parts have no drinking water, kids are studying under trees and some pregnant women have to sleep on the floor in hospitals, we are seriously raising money for a Cathedral.

Not only that, the citizens who are suffering are also being asked to chip in. Talk about misplaced priorities.

The Reverend said they have raised half the money but need more help from the public.

“I think that [we have raised] about half of the hundred million. The requested voluntary contributions is very important because we want to have the ordinary Ghanaian to own this project , ordinary Christian to own this project so your contributions come in to help facilitate the project.”

Only in Ghana do we have time to waste precious resources on such useless ventures.

And the saddest part is the citizens would not even realise how they are being scammed and would cluelessly send in their little coins to build this developmentally useless Cathedral.

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