Rwanda lifts Kigali lockdown, strict measures remain


Rwanda has lifted a 15-day lockdown effective August 1 and reimposed strict guidelines to contain Covid-19 infections that have been on the rise since June.

A cabinet meeting presided over by President Kagame on Friday resolved that Kigali, and the other eight districts that have been under lockdown since July 17, reopen but some restrictions remain.

The cabinet meeting resolution prohibited all social gatherings, and reinstated a 6pm-4am curfew.

Businesses will close at 5pm, restaurants and cafes will only offer takeaway services, and meetings will resume with 30 percent of venue capacity.

Movements between Kigali and other parts of the country are allowed except to and from the 50 sectors across the country that are still under lockdown, while public transport shall resume operations with 50 percent of their capacity. Domestic tourism that had also been put on hold will resume as well.

“Citizens are reminded of the critical importance of complying with these measures, including keeping distance, wearing face masks and hand hygiene. Penalties will be applied for non-compliance,” the meeting communique states.


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