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Shocking As A Man Who Claims To Be Mensah Otabil’s Son Reveals Himself – Video

The kingdom of God indeed suffereth vawulence. A recent video on the internet has everyone is disbelief as a young man claims to be the son of ICGC’s head pastor, Mensah Otabil.

Apparently, this is no secret to people around him and in his neighbourhood but it is just reaching the general public.

The soft-spoken gentleman was asked if he was indeed the son of the pastor and he answered several times in the affirmative.

He spoke about how he used to live with him in a village. At the time, he claims Otabil wasn’t a pastor but a farmer. He claims his mum who he named as Fati is a Nigerian who was a long time lover of the pastor.

He shockingly revealed that the pastor’s real name is not Mensah Otabil but rather Kojo Torga and this is a name they both share.

The rebranding is real. How will you give out 5000 dollars as an offering if Kojo Torga told you to? No way. Otabil suits the agenda better and we cannot knock the hustle.

It was further revealed that the pastor is not Fante as perpetuated but rather an Ewe. Information wo wiase ankasa.

The blessings of the Lord are indeed new every morning and just like the Phoenix, Mr Otabil apparently shed all traces to his real life and adopted a new identity that will help him navigate the minds of the Ghanaian Christian.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

As for whether this alleged son looks like Otabil, watch video here and tell for yourself.

His alleged further claimed that he has not been able to see him and it’s been almost 20 years. He hustles for a living at the Kaneshie station.

Kojo Torga does not fit into the boujie Jesus agenda and has been left behind. Hopefully, this will make his ‘father’ reach out to him, or not.

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