QNET dissociates itself from unethical companies registered in its name


QNET, a leading global e-commerce based direct selling business, has dissociated itself from two unethical companies, namely QNET Limited and QUEST NET Limited registered in its name.

The company insists that it has not incorporated any subsidiary by the name QNET Limited or QUEST NET Limited.

“We do not have any affiliation with these companies,” it stressed.

“In Ghana, QNET works through distributors termed as ‘Independent Representatives’ or ‘IRs’, who market the Company’s products online on a commission basis. It is therefore important to bring to the immediate attention of the public that our Company; QNET is not an Investment Company, Ponzi Scheme, or B2B and does not support any get-rich-quick schemes.”

“Rather, QNET is an e-commerce based direct selling company that sells a wide range of our own products and operates in about 25 countries worldwide.”

It indicated that it is committed to abiding by all the laws of Ghana, as well as those of other countries within which it operates.

“Our company is in the process of engaging with the authorities of Ghana to establish an office in Ghana in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana, which is hopeful to suffice soon after.”

The company welcomed the Attorney General’s “relentless efforts” to dissolve the two companies incorporated in its name in Ghana.

“Subsequent to the termination of the said companies’ incorporation, our company shall engage with the appropriate authorities in Ghana to regularize our business as well as our Independent Representatives in Ghana, pursuant to which same shall be communicated to the public upon completion.”

“QNET has been socially responsible in Ghana and invested in child education (including blind and deaf), sports development, government agencies support, COVID-19 support, and other areas. It is, therefore, our wish to inform the public that any form of activity carried on by the afore-mentioned companies camouflaged with our name; QNET most does not originate from us.”

It further cautioned the public to be prudent when approached by such companies.


1. QNET sells world-class products with a business opportunity and is not a job or investment scheme.
2. QNET Compensation Plan only awards Commission based on the sale of products.
3. QNET Business Opportunity does not guarantee any fixed income.
4. QNET expects IRs to use funds from potential prospects only for the purchase of QNET Products or Services.
5. QNET product benefits and claims must be presented as provided in official published materials.
6. QNET requires IRs to adhere to the strict guidelines for operating home offices.
7. QNET does not allow the selling of products to minors.
8. QNET does not allow anyone other than its own authorized representatives to engage with the media and government.
9. QNET Account operates as a personal and private account for only the registered owner, unless there is written consent or otherwise.
10. QNET condemns any cross-border migration of prospects or independent Representatives under false premise and in violation of local laws of the Country.

About QNET

QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies offering a wide range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products that enable people to lead better lives. QNET’s business model has helped empower millions of entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries worldwide.

QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world through subsidiaries, branch offices, agency partnerships, and franchisees.

QNET has pioneered the direct selling industry in many countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. The company has offices in Rwanda and Cote d’Ivoire and has a presence through local agents in several other countries including Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Senegal.

For more information, visit QNET’s website at www.qnet.net (English) or https://www.qnetafrique.com/ (French)


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