Shocking! Joyce Blessing Mentioned Amongst List Of Women Deceased Gym Instructor Allegedly Slept With


The onward Christian soldiers have refused to fight the war of adultery. It was previously reported that a gym instructor was shot dead for sleeping with a married woman and the story has different twists than imagined.

Akumaa Mama Zimbi was the first to be revealed as his lover but another name has dropped on the list. In an expose that has surfaced online, a woman is seen outing Joyce Blessing as one of the s*xual partners of the gym instructor.

It was further revealed that the gym instructor was the reason for her marital issues that took place a while ago. Issues like this will give you goosebumps because you will assume a gospel singer will leave the cheating for her worldly industry colleagues.

Akumaa apparently is no new lover to the man as they aresaid to have dated for 7 years. They were also neighbours and she allegedly paid for an apartment and motor for him. We are with her through these trying times as she mourns the death of her sugar baby.

The shocking part of this revelation is the fact that Mama Zimbi and Joyce Blessing are said to have a long-standing beef because of the gym instructor. Now this is just way too much. How bad does your story have to be that an old woman like Mama Zimbi sleeping with a young guy is not the worst thing to come out of a situation?

Imagine overshadowing Mama Zimbi with all that duku going on because your crime is more abominable. Akumaa has performed a “crime” to man but sister Joyce Blessing has performed a crime to Christ. You will think it should at least be the other way round but God’s child rather decided to catch cruise.

As the unfortunate has happened, maybe this will make them have pity and leave the young boys to grow but once a cougar? Alwayssss a cougar!

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