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VIDEO – Sista Afia Looks Like A Typical Hawker While Carrying Pure Water About In Town

Sista Afia overestimated her fame and decided to act like a pure water seller probably to shock fans but had the surprise of her life when no one recognized her and she was just like any other hawker on the street.

Out of boredom perhaps, the “Jeje” hitmaker woke up and decided to share free water to people on the streets. One might be tempted to believe it was out of the goodness of her heart, but we know our slay queens better and the fact that she had to video herself and put it out there only proves she is in dire need of attention.

If a celebrity like Jackie Appiah wore regular clothes and decided to pretend to be a hawker on the streets, she would not be able to get away with it because she would be instantly recognizable no matter how peasantly she presents herself.

Sister Afia probably had to introduce herself to the people she was sharing the water to, which is just sad because her intention was probably to shut the streets down with her presence. Such a truly pathetic move.

Needless to say, Sista Afia “no reach”. She is just another attention seeker who without all the makeup and deceitful appearance has no star quality at all. Maybe she will learn a lesson from this fiasco and put more energy into her music.

Francisca Gawuga needs to focus more on getting Eno Barony’s attention rather than plotting these needless stunts.

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