Amansan Boafo? Hajia 4 Real Now Rumoured to Be Seeing Dede Ayew Too!


And by ‘seeing’, we mean they are alleged to be having something amorous on the down low.

We are now a little in awe of socialite and by-force musician Mona Montrage aka Hajia 4 Real.

Hajia in a matter of one week has been connected to so many men we’re not even sure if it’s humanely possible for one woman to have that many lovers!

But in the slay queen world, you can never say something is impossible.

Hajia over the past week alone has been alleged to have lost a man to Benedicta Gafah.

She has also been rumoured to be dating Emmanuel Adebayor, the former Togolese international footballer.

In another allegation against Hajia, an anonymous social media poster claimed she had a friend whose husband has been snatched by Hajia.

The lady claimed the man was working with Hajia professionally, financing her music career, then they became a couple.

The man is alleged to now be neglecting his wife and kids due to the singer.

Well, even that apparently isn’t enough!

Another poster claims Hajia has a secret relationship with Andre Ayew ‘Dede’, the Black Stars captain.

According to this person, Hajia and Dede have a relationship but she has heard of her also allegedly dating Adebayor and is now confused.

Well, at this rate I’m sure Mona herself is confused and doesn’t even know who she’s supposed to be dating!

One person cannot date all these people simultaneously, or can she?

Who knows?

Checkout the new allegation against Hajia below…