Stacey Amoateng and Xandy Kamel Get Into Serious Argument And The Reason Will Shock You


The Oteng angels are at it! Just like oil and water, these two are reported to not see eye to eye. There was a disagreement between Stacey Amoateng and Xandy Kamel and the reason had us all shocked.

There is an ongoing scuffle amongst these two and Xandy’s boss Stacey does not seem to like her at all. Stacey allegedly wants to take Xandy’s show off air maybe because of low ratings and Xandy is not having it.

As early on said, Stacey Amoateng was working on Xandy’s show being taken off air because she felt it was useless. That must hurt. Imagine coming up with your best ideas and being told they are not intelligent enough. What may hurt most is the fact that Stacey might be right and the show is actually useless.

Xandy being the busy body that she is apparently found out the plans of Stacey and went straight to report Stacey to Dr. Kweku Oteng. The fact that you have access to your boss does not justify you going to him with a non trivial issue such as this. This further proves that Xandy is indeed disrespectful and lacks home training.

Xandy went all out to allegedly bad mouth Stacey and told Dr Kweku Oteng that Stacey is the most useless managing director they have ever had. She also spoke on how no improvement has come to the station since she took over.

Little D-list celebrities will always do the most. Imagine being an OG in the industry and a failed prisons officer is telling everyone you cannot do your job. Xandy must be so dumb because if you say there hasn’t been an improvement at a place you also work at, are you not part of the problem?

She called herself useless without even knowing it because of spite. May God confuse our enemies this much! We can only hope to have the right people enter into Dr Oteng’s business because current happenings are a definite recipe for disaster.

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