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“Nana, You Are Not A Happy Man”- Captain Smart Blasts Akufo-Addo

As Ghanaians have taken to the streets to share their grievances during the fix the country demonstration, Captain Smart took his to the Tv studios.

He went on a rant saying the President is not a happy man because of how he has selfishly increased salaries by just 4% but has skyrocketed his by 79%.

He shouted “what kind of a father are you!?” and went ahead to condemn the First Lady salary brouhaha.

He seemed very stressed about the fact that the First Lady’s salary would be backdated to 2017. He mentioned that he will speak his mind until he is sacked because he has seemingly had enough.

He stressed that it is difficult to understand some of the doings of the government. He spoke about how worrying the increase in fuel prices and how it has affected the prices of commodities in the market.

He took a practical experiment and went to the market himself to shop because he doubted the market prices his wife mentioned. To his surprise, the increment had him in shock and he felt shy when he had to overly beg for a price reduction. Watch the full rant here:

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