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Twene Jonas Finally Replies Archipelago With These Shots!

Archipalago can finally sleep because he has gotten the reply he has always yearned for. Twene Jonas finally gave in and threw shots at him in a recent video.

Twene Jonas advised him to go and work stop going around looking for him. He went ahead to call him a foolish monkey, told him he (Twene Jonas) is not an ordinary person and he will have to go through protocols before he could speak to him.

Jonas further called him an old fool and said he does not reply to his constant jabs because he is irrelevant. He obviously is of the view that Archipalago is useless in his world.

Now who posts a diss someone directed at them? Archipalago does. Obviously impressed and extremely happy he has finally been insulted, he posted the video for his followers to listen to.

He captioned the video “y’all heard this villager is insulting me. If I had gone to New York to look for you I would have found you man cos I know NY more than you and no two ways about that!!!…so you start insulting me and when I start dey reply you, you won’t be able to handle the Palago Venom…”

It’s been a couple of hours since he posted it and we can bet he is critically thinking of the best comeback to give him because today is one of the happiest days of his internet career.

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