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Big Akwes Broke After Agradaa Left Him – Now Selling Used Female Panties for Survival

Ghanaian actor and former assistant to the great fetish priest Nana Agradaa, Big Akwes, now sells used female panties for survival.

We’ve spotted Big Akwes in a video posted online soliciting for used panties with the seriousness of a trotro drugs salesman.

You know those folks who stand in front of the trotro before a long trip and start talking about whatever concoctions they’re selling. They always start with prayers to get you comfortable then after praying they launch into their long sales pitches.

They are always deadly serious and try to convince you that whatever they are selling can cure every single disease in the world.

Big Akwes is that serious in his video talking about now being a female pant salesman.

According to him, every lady with used panties should call him – he is ready to buy them for Ghc 10 each, presumably, so he can sell it afterwards.

Akwes, speaking in Twi, said: “Ladies, I’m now buying your used panties. Each pant goes for Ghc 10. So if you have an old panty call me to buy.”

Big Akwes also made sure to drop his number for all ladies with used panties to call him.

Of course, if he’s not selling the used panties as ‘obroni wawu’ then the next question is- what the hell is he going to use them for?

Big Akwes used to have a good life scamming gullible Ghanaians with Nana Agradaa and their alleged sika gari ritual.

However, once the law caught up with them, Agradaa has smartly become a Christian evangelist so she can keep scamming people but Big Akwes has been left behind.

It appears he’s now hawking panties for survival – or for whatever other nefarious reason he needs used female panties.

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