Lady Who Threatened To Shame 100 Men She’s Infected With HIV Finally Releases Photos And Names

A few days ago, we reported that a young lady is causing a heart attack on social media after threatening to release names and photos of 100 men she’s infected with HIV.

A young lady identified as Ruth James took to social media to cause fear and panic after noting that she’s ready to shame all the men that have slept with her.

She wrote, “I want to expose everyone I have given HIV, Itugona. Chuo 100 mar facebook dwa thoo gi stress.”

Though the lady appeared as if she was joking, she has actually released photos and names of the men that she’s dated and infested with HIV to her over 40,000 followers.

We had thought the lady was acting and probably pulling an expensive. We didn’t know how serious and bitter she was with her promise of dragging those men down. But we were wrong.

Apparently, not all the photos are out, but from all indications, Ruth James is about to cause a serious problem for some people and break the home of others.

I mean, how many people would have the ability to stand if they become aware that they’ve been infected with HIV by this greedy lady?

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