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Sputnik V probe: Health Minister found to have given conflicting statement before committee

The Ad hoc Committee that investigated the procurement of Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccines has found out that $2,850,000.00 representing 50 percent of the contract sum of 5.7 million dollars was paid to Messrs Al Maktoum.

This translates into the Cedi equivalent of 16 million 331,640 Ghana Cedis converted at the then prevailing exchange rate of one dollar to 5 point seven three Ghana Cedis.

Meanwhile, when he appeared before the committee, the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu said under oath that no amount of money was paid to the Sheikh even though 20,000 doses of the vaccines were supplied.

The Committee has thus recommended that the Finance Ministry retrieves the more than 16.33 million Ghana Cedis paid to the Sheikh. These are contained in a 28-paged report on the findings of the Ad-hoc Committee.

The nine-member committee also looked into the circumstances under which the Health Minister, entered into a deal with the Sheikh and S.L Global without prior Parliamentary approval.

The Minister in his response told the Committee that the exigencies of the pandemic and the need for urgent response led him to take such unilateral decisions.

The report is scheduled to be laid in Parliament for approval later today before the House adjourns sine dine.

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