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Benedicta Gafah Trolled After Using Photoshop to Edit her Curves and Ended Up Twisting her Hand

Kumawood actress, Benedicta Gafah has been crowned as the queen of photoshop and filters. Though Benedicta Gafah has the looks, for some weird reason, she cannot be herself and flaunts her natural beauty.

The actress is always photoshopping herself to look something extra that we cannot really define.

Yesterday, actress Benedicta Gafah shared a photo where she edited her shape and ended up twisting her hand.

She enlarged her hips and squeezed her waist. In the end, objects around her including her own hand got bent and looked shapeless.

Social media users went for her and trolled the hell out of her. Bene has deleted the photo and replaced it with a different one. Even that one, she couldn’t post without her normal filter to have her barbie doll look.

Benedicta Gafah is known for using photoshop and filters on the gram. A time ago, Benedicta Gafah edited her photos to the extent that her belly button vanished.

Other times, she will end up looking like she has packed pads at her hips and bum but she still carries on with that attitude.

Recently, Bene posted her photo claiming that she didn’t edit the photo and left all the marks on her legs because she was celebrating healthy skin.

The fact is that Actress Benedicta is beautiful and has got everything a woman needs but she doesn’t really appreciate herself. Maybe she’s got low self-esteem.

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