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“Flee from men who put on Kaftans, they are the real heartbreakers” – Lady advises women [Video]

You should be very cautious when dealing with men who put on neatly ironed kaftans, they are the real heartbreakers… these are the words of an experienced lady to women.

According to this lady, these men are wolves in sheep clothing who come as though they are the perfect man but are disguised playboys who will shatter the heart of the unsuspecting woman.

Speaking on Joy Prime TV, she explained that women need to be careful about the kind of men they entertain since all the glitter are not gold. She stressed that the neatly dressed kaftan man who looks clean and gentle is inherently a heartbreaker.

Since these men look great, most women are fooled to fall for them without caution and it usually ends in tears. In a nutshell, the men in kaftan are the fraud boys who break the feeble or strong hearts of women.

So the next time you go out there and you get approached by that nice-looking classy kaftan-wearing dude, run for your life. LOOOOOOOL!

How true is that anyway?

Check Out Video Below:

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