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Going Global – White Guy Sings Black Sherif’s ‘First Sermon’ Word for Word Including Twi Parts – Video

The young Kwaku Frimpong has gone global!

A video of a white guy rapping along to Black Sherif’s ‘First Sermon’ shows exactly how worldwide the young man’s music has travelled.

Black Sherif’s music has taken over the entire country in the past few weeks but he’s not only making waves in Ghana – he’s killing it outside as well.

A white guy has been captured on video singing ‘First Sermon’ word for word and not making any mistake.

He’s singing every single word perfectly, including even the Twi parts!

The video is causing social media amazement as even some of us Ghanaians cannot sing the songs word for word!

The passion and intensity Black Sherif puts in his raps means learning his songs is not that easy.

It’s like trying to learn Eminem’s raps – you need to need to dedicate time, energy and effort to even come close to learning it all.

The white guy has clearly taken his time to learn the rap, telling you he is a massive fan of Sherif!

If he’s killing the ‘First Sermon’ this way we can’t wait to hear his ‘Second Sermon’ rap!

Watch video of the white Kwaku Frimpong below…

This video follows that of another young guy who led his class to flawlessly sing Black Sherif’s ‘Second Sermon’.

Kwaku Frimpong di asem aba ankasa!

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