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This Life, No Balance – Big Backside Shemima Reveals Skinny Ali Is Cheating on Her

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Beloved Date Rush couple Ali and Shemi Brown seem headed for the rocks – and it’s all the skinny lover boy’s fault.

When Shemima Brown and her massive ‘tundra’ chose skinny Ali on Date Rush to be her date, we all thought their love would last forever.

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Shemi was obviously way out of Ali’s league, but she decided to choose him for some reason – probably due to a belief that someone like him would feel so grateful she chose him he won’t even think of cheating.

But men would always be men! Ali has apparently been getting some ladies in his Dm flirting with him and he’s not exactly chasing them off.

Shemi is now so fed up of the ladies flooding Ali’s DM that she says she regrets going onto Date Rush.

Shemi Brown opened up today during an appearance on Kingdom Plus Fm for an interview.

She came with Ali and appeared tired of having to deal with him.

Asked if she has regretted going on Date Rush, she replied in the affirmative.

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She admitted that the majority of the relationships on Date Rush end in tears and so she doesn’t want to follow that path but Ali is leaving her no choice.

“We are still together but we are fighting. Since I chose Ali on Date Rush, they are always ladies messaging him in his DM…I have regretted going on Date Rush. Seriously.” she lamented.

“I don’t want to be disgraced because numerous relationships on the show did not work out. So now many people are wishing that Shemima and Ali’s relationship would be destroyed…that is the prayer of many.” she added.

Shemi was also asked if guys are jumping into her DM like ladies are jumping into Ali’s Dm and she said no one is bothering her.

According to her people know she’s in a relationship and also, her big butt scares many guys off!

From the look of things, this fan favourite couple are also headed for disaster.

Listen to Shemi complain below…

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