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UTAG D3 Asem B3ba: Leaked Video Of UG-Legon Students ‘Servicing’ Themselves Following Teachers Strike Pops Up [Video]

Since the devil finds work for the ideal mind, the idleness of some students of the University of Ghana has been filled with romantic servicing of one another following UTAG’s strike.

The strike by the University Teachers of Association Ghana (UTAG) has left many students with little or nothing to do and to while away the time, some have decided to feast on each other(to put it mildly).

That is how come two students of the University of Ghana, the nation’s premier tertiary institution were seen giving out premium treatment to each other.

A gentleman and a lady were filmed in the dark. The guy was very heated and as result reached out for the low hanging fruits on the chest of the lady and start munching it hungrily.

While students having sex on campus is not a new phenomenon, the UTAG strike has given rise to the act since students have nothing to do. Reports from several tertiary institutions suggest that many students have left campuses for their homes while those on campus are sexually predating one another.

The hornyness of these students is brought to you by UTAG’s strike.

Check Out Video Below:

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