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Wendy Shay Helps Out Dhat Gyal After Hearing How Drugs Destroyed her – Heartwarming

RuffTown Records star Wendy Shay has offered to help out Dhat Gyal after listening to her very sad story about how her life has been destroyed.

Dhat Gyal, who became a social media sensation a few years ago and was thought to be Ghana’s next big thing, has fallen into a life of loss, drugs and depression.

She recently told her sad story in an interview with Okay Fm.

She revealed that she tragically lost her mum at the tender age of 15 after she was hit by a careless tourist in a car accident.

After that, she found herself living a ghetto life and became addicted to weed.

Things took another sad turn when she started becoming a bit famous due to her amazing song mashups and covers.

Just as her videos were making her popular and the world was at her fingertips, someone who knew about her shenanigans in the streets made posts to expose her lifestyle. This led her into severe depression and she eventually shied away from the limelight.

Listen to her narrate her very sad story below…

Her video has truly touched the heart of many Ghanaians. Her story is so sad that it’s hard to watch it and not feel sympathy.

RuffTown Records signee and the self-acclaimed Queen of Ghana Music, Wendy Shay, has offered to help out Dhat Gyal by releasing a song with her.

Taking to her social media handle, Shay reacted to her sad video.

She wrote: “Crying listening to ur story sis. Everything,s gonna be alright @dhat_gyal_africa let’s do some music together,”


Help has to start from somewhere and Shay’s offer is a start.

Hopefully others pick on that and give her some more help.

Dhat Gyal deserves some breaks in life after all that suffering!

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