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You’ll Suffer In Life! – Delay Reacts to Moesha Audio Leak and Curses her Gossiping PA

Delay has reacted to the story of Moesha Boduong and her gossiping PA and rained fire and curses on Nelson.

According to Delay, he is going to suffer in life and nothing will ever go well for him.

Delay is pissed after Nelson, who has been Moesha’s long time personal assistant, sold her out to her ‘enemy’ Salma Mumin.

You’ll remember a few weeks back a leaked audio chat of a conversation between Salma Mumin and a gentleman talking about Moesha Boduong was released.

In the chat, the gentleman, later identified as Moesha’s personal assistant Nelson, released every single bit of information from Moesha’s life to Salma, even though everyone knows Salma and Moesha do not see eye to eye.

Salma strategically got Nelson to reveal more info about Moesha for her own nefarious purposes, all the time knowing she was recording the call.

The conversation later leaked on social media, forcing Salma to come out and apologise.

She claimed that whilst she recorded the conversation, she did not leak it – it was a friend of Moesha known as Sandra who she sent the audio to who probably leaked it.

No matter who leaked it, it was in bad taste considering Moesha is currently alleged to be having a mental breakdown.

Despite all her troubles, she had her own PA, who she has reportedly done a lot for and move around with everywhere, selling her out that way.

Delay has finally reacted to the issue and she’s pissed off at this Nelson.

According to Delay, most troubles in life is because of people around us we call ‘friends’ who end up betraying us.

She was livid that Nelson said in the conversation that Moesha’s suffering is only starting and she would suffer more.

An angry Delay rained her own curses on Nelson for talking bad about his own boss Moesha.

Watch Delay’s reaction below…

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