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Alleged Ex-wife of Hushpuppi Makes Shocking Revelations About Their Marriage – Video

A lady claiming to be the ex-wife of convicted online fraudster Hushpuppi has brought a different angle to the already crazy story.

The young lady who goes by the name Cece Megan, claimed in a video that she was married to Hushpuppi for two years.

She disclosed that in their two years marriage, she managed to enrich herself with the fraud money Hushpuppi brought.

Cece Megan added that Hushpuppi even bought her a private Island in Asia.

All these revelation came up when fans of the young lady asked her some questions on social media.

Megan confirmed without shame or fear that she agreed to marry Hushpuppi because of his money but not for the sake of Love.

We do not know why a young lady with so much life ahead of her would jump on social media and tell the world she was affiliated to a wanted criminal.

Maybe she wants hype but at this cost?

Watch the video below

Huspuppi and his smart way of looting millions of Dollars from people has become so popular that even A Hollywood movie production company is looking at dubbing his story for a movie.

In July 2020, twelve suspected Nigerian fraudsters living in the United Arab Emirates, including popular Nigerian millionaire Huspuppi, were arrested as part of UAE’s now-viral special operation named “Fox Hunt 2.”

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