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DKB Realizes How Poor He Is After Sitting In A Borrowed Rolls Royce For The First Time

No matter how comfortable you might be in life there are some experiences that would make you realize you still have a long way to go. Comedian DKB got the chance to sit in a Rolls Royce and immediately lost his cool, cursing poverty back to hell.

One would think as a so-called “celebrity”, sitting in a Rolls Royce would be a normal experience but apparently, most of them are not as exposed to luxury as we might think.

DKB excitedly posted himself in the Rolls Royce a friend was kind enough to let him have a feel of, declaring that “fire burn poverty”.

“See eh, money is good… Oh God, help us. See, this is Rolls Royce. Look, look, the environment, I feel different right now, even my accent is changing. I don’t even know if I’m Ghanaian anymore. Like, I don’t even know if I’m suffering. Money helps you forget your problems. See, I can’t even remember all the foolish people who used to disturb me. Pray for money eh?”, he said in all the excitement.

He thanked his friend for allowing him to borrow the car and decreed money upon his own life.

“Thank you Alien for allowing me use your car. MONEY! Money what have we done to you, money? Locate me money!. Money when you come to Ghana, the big-headed guy with the eyes like Jack Sparrow, I am the one, money. Come to me money…”, he begged.

For a struggling comedian, it is no wonder that he is so overwhelmed, but hopefully, his jokes will improve and his comedy will finally fetch him enough money to live like a real celebrity.

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