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Fake News – Ghanaians CANNOT Travel to Dubai Visa-Free

The Ghana Embassy in UAE has entreated all Ghanaians to disregard viral reports that they can now travel to the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi or Dubai visa-free.

“It has come to the attention of the Embassy that the publications on the internet on social media seem to suggest that Ghana passport holders can now travel visa-free to the United Arab Emirates…”

“The Embassy urges the public to disregard all such publications and messages.” they said in a statement.

A social media post went viral last week preaching that the government of Ghana had signed an MOU that allows Ghanaians to travel to any United Arab Emirates country without visas.

This post came with a convincing picture of the President of Ghana shaking hands with some dignitaries from UAE.

Reacting to the news which has excited many Ghanaians, the Ghana Embassy in UAE stated in an official release that nothing said in the previous report is true and that Ghanaians will still need visa to travel to the UAE.

The Embassy also clarified that the Parliament of Ghana ratifying the Momenradum of Understanding on Mutual Exemption of Entry Requirements between Ghana and the United Arab Emirates does not in any way suggest that Ghanaians can travel to the country visa-free.

READ the full statement below.

Now just imagine how many Ghanaians would have run to Dubai if the reports were true.

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