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Kuami Eugene Angrily Curses Bloggers Who Exposed The Poor Reception He Received At Akim Oda

Kuami Eugene was in Akim Oda over the weekend and he might have performed to more than a few people, but his initial reception into the town was nothing to write home about.

Naturally, Ghnewsfile.com and other blogs wrote about the 12 or fewer people who were probably just really bored and went to give him a dry welcome unworthy of any VGMA artist of the year.

After reportedly upsetting the youth of Akim Oda with his little potty mouth, they probably decided they had better things to do than give him a champion’s welcome.

The egoistic “RockStar” is not happy at all about the reportage and has gone on Twitter to react. He started by posting his own video trying to prove that way more people came to see him and insisted that he is indeed loved.

He proceeded to top it up with another video of the event he went to perform at and captioned it “Over 20,000 People – 1 RockStar…We Didn’t Come Here To Play”.

And just because Kuami Eugene is such a childish crybaby, he could not resist the urge to direct some vitriol at those he feels are trying to undermine his stardom. He needlessly rained curses on bloggers, wishing them endless sorrow for doing their jobs.

“To Those Blogging And Spreading Lies About Only 13 People showing up, May Sorrows never exit your homes . Shout AMEN”, he tweeted.

Sheldon The Turn Up mentioned how violent he has become, to which he replied saying “LOL… We’re taking it the African way. You Lie, You Die”.

His own fans did not appreciate his reaction and called him out for having way too much time on his hands and being too petty. Others are also of the belief that he is filled with so much pent-up anger all because he has not been verified on Twitter yet.

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