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Scammer Exposed After Duping Innocent Person Using Adwoa Safo’s Name

In this present age and everything going on, people still fall victims to scammers. An internet crook has used Honourable Lawyer Adwoa Safo’s name to dupe a social media user.

It all started when the desperate internet user contacted the imposter to help her with some money to open a shop.

The imposter ordered that the person contact her secretary, giving a name and mobile number to make a payment of GHC 150 to purchase a form which she termed as Government Protocol of Trust Fund Form from her secretary to be eligible for the help.

After the person pleaded for a reduction of the amount of form, the imposter accepted GHC 50 for the form.

Currently, the chat between the scammer and the victim has been shared on social media for users to pick a lesson from.

Others are also sharing their experience about a similar thing they’ve gone through. Someone, particularly mentioned that a scammer tried to pull a fast one on him using Honourable Kennedy Agyapong’s name but he was smart to notice his trick.

Over the years scammers have developed new ways of carrying their activities online. Sometimes they even go as far as setting online shops to dupe people with various sums of money.

We have had some of our celebrities come out to warn social media users against those scammers who put up their names for certain dishonest activities by scammers.

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