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So Will He Worship God or the gods of His Stool? – Ghanaians Ask After Rev Obofour Enstooled As Chief – Video

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Rev. Obofour, a popular man of God and Head pastor for Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) has been enstooled as Chief at a suburb of Accra.

The traditional rites and enstoolement happened over the weekend, on Sunday to be precise when church service was ongoing.

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On the dawn of Sunday, reports say the man of God was captured by traditional rulers of Bortianor to be Enstooled as chief.

Several videos have surfaced online showing the man of God enjoying his royal treatment as they sit him on the stool as a chief.

He looked so excited being a King that he forgot it was a Sunday and he had to lead his church.

Reverend Obofour has now been given the stool name ‘Nii Adotey Gyata 1’ Ga Sempe Mants3 at Bortiano.

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We cannot tell if this is one reason why the preacher recently said he sometimes regret choosing to become a man of God but we think it’s up for discussion.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

Social media users are now discussing if Reverend Obofour has now agreed to worship the same deities and stool he preaches against or he will continue to worship God.

From the little we have heard from the Bible, light (Christians and holy religion) cannot live in the same space with darkness (gods, sinners and traditional rules).

How will Reverend Obofour juggle these two opposite beliefs so one does not affect the other?

Some social media users have also adviced him to drop one of the titles because an explosion is highly expected when you light a match close to a gas station.

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