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Tall List of Local and International Artistes That Arrogant Sarkodie Has Disrespected and Ignored – Details

The disregard and scorn that Sarkodie has for artistes he doesn’t see on his level is so bad – his arrogance is out of control now!

Numerous Ghanaian artistes including Edem and Kwaw Kese have come out to speak on the disrespect Sarkodie has shown them with no regard for their status.

To nobody’s surprise, Sarkodie has not shown this sickening behaviour to only Ghanaian artistes – some international acts have suffered his arrogance as well!

Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has listed the artistes who Sarkodie has shown ‘pepper’ to.

His list included among others Yemi Alade, Freddie Meiway, Edem, Kwaw Kese and Sherifa Gunu.

Arnold narrated how several years back Yemi Alade came out to complain that she set up a date to shoot a video with Sarkodie in the U.S and he did not turn up with no proper explanation.

He also ignored messages and calls from Ivorian legend Freddie Meyway!

Listen to Arnold dissect Sarkodie’s disrespect below…

Keep in mind these are only the artistes who have come out publicly to complain about Sarkodie – meaning there could be many others he has snubbed privately but have yet to come out to speak.

This kind of behaviour coming from a top artiste is unpardonable!

Especially when you consider that Sark really suffered before becoming successful. He should be filled with humility but it seems fame has entered his head and killed some brain cells.

The worst part is when people call him out for his behaviour, all he has to say is that he doesn’t even pick his mother’s calls so no one should feel entitled to his attention.

All this because he has some limited success in a small country like Ghana. I shudder to think of what his behaviour would be like if he was actually Jay-Z!

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