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Afia Schwarzenegger’s Twins Real Father Finally Exposed

The paternity of Afia Schwarzenegger’s twin kids has always been a matter of contention and the notorious Ayisha Modi claims she has finally discovered the truth once and for all.

Ayisha, who is currently in a hot and deadly beef with Afia Schwarzenegger, is taking a no holds barred approach.

She has dragged all three of Afia’s kids into the beef now – she started with the little Adiepena and has now turned her sights on the twin boys.

According to Ayisha, Afia has always been lying that her twin kids have a German father.

Modi vows that she knows exactly who the twins’ dad is and he is no German, he’s just an old American man named John.

Ayisha says she has all the necessary info to expose him to the world if Afia Schwarzenegger does not shut her mouth and keeps antagonising her.

She dared Afia to show her kids’ passports to the world if she can.

“Madam if you don’t shut up I will be ur down fall cos guess what I have found The father of ur sons and he is not a German. He is an old American man named John.

“Dare me again and I will come live with @empressbingy and she will tell the whole world your real life story. All ur life story on the Net are all fake like ur mouth. Madam am a Zongo girl with Zongo spirit ooo, at the same time a Ga. SIA . This fight will end 2032 and it’s a promise. Come and curse yourself again SIA,” she fired.

Her post is on the back of her claiming that Afia Schwarzenegger abandoned her twins in Ghana for seven good years to prostitute herself in South Africa for cash.

She showed a lady who she claims was taking care of the kids at the time Afia left them to South Africa to sell her body.

Ayisha attacked Afia Schwarzenegger on Thursday for daring to speak bad words against Rev Obofour, an Asante, being enstooled as a chief by a Ga community.

She alleged that Afia has been using her adopted daughter Pena to blackmail prominent personalities in Ghana and said Afia is shameless to attack Obofour after once begging him for money.

Afia responded by cursing anyone who lies against her and her kids, calling on Antoa to kill the person!

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