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Ayisha Modi Drops Pic of Lady She Claims Was Taking Care of Afia Schwar’s Twins Whilst She Was Doing ‘Ash*wo’ in SA

Ayisha Modi is continuing her crusade against Afia Schwarzenegger for daring to speak even one word against her godfather, Rev Obofour.

She has attacked Schwarzenegger and overwhelmed her with insults and revelations since yesterday but she’s far from done.

Her latest allegation is that the time Afia Schwarzenegger spent in South Africa claiming to be working or whatever was just spent as a prostitute.

According to Modi, Afia left her twins behind when she travelled to South Africa to prostitute herself and a lady she describes as her ‘blood’ relation had to take care of her twin sons for seven good years!

She posted a photo of the lady on Instagram, the latest person to be dragged into their beef.

She captioned the photo: “This is Nana Ama Afrakoma my blood. She and her mother took care of your twins (Boys) for 7 years, whiles u were in South Africa doing prostitution.

“When you were deported from South Africa to Ghana , she took u in and did whatever a sister, and a good friend will do for u, Madam what did u do to her after 25 years of your friendship? Show the world ur kids passport.

“How can a lair like u be trusted in our Media? Instead of you to use ur life story to motivate your followers, you are there brainwashing them. The day the world will hear ur life story, I know and believe the whole nation will disown u for lying and brainwashing the ppl. Didn’t you try sleeping with her husband?”

Ayisha Modi seems to be one person who can match Afia Schwarzenegger boot for boot. We eagerly await for Afia has to say in response to this allegation.

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