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“Cardi B wanted to go down on me while on set & I felt wet” – US singer, Lizzo tells it all in latest interview [Video]

Lizzo, an American singer, has revealed what rapper Cardi B told her on the set for their latest collaboration.

The singer told the hosts of The Breakfast Club that the rapper approached her and whispered in her ear, “I want to eat your p****.”

She said she laughed at this, and their chemistry was so intense that the producer had to separate them for the rest of the shoot.

When asked why she assumed Cardi was joking about eating her out, Lizzo said she couldn’t tell if Cardi B was joking or serious because Cardi B has always talked about “fat girl p*” and “big girl p,” so it’s possible she meant what she said.

Lizzo also admitted that Cardi B saying that made her “a little wet down there”.

Watch Interview Below:

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