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‘People Take Everything I Say Too Personally’ – Sarkodie Lamely Tries Cleaning Up His Arrogant Image

Sarkodie is no doubt one of the biggest artists in Africa, but there are many who have issues with the way he treats people, be it regular fans or fellow celebrities.

The Sark Nation boss has coined a reputation for himself as an unfriendly star, a behavior he confesses to by admitting he does not even pick up his own mother’s calls.

He has tried to explain why he is the way he is, claiming Sarkodie is just his alter ego. He sat with Tilly Akua Nipa of Oneplay Africa to share some information on his journey as an artist and why he is the way he is.

“When I try to be Michael, that’s what people don’t like. Sometimes I sit in conversations in the studio, sometimes they are having general conversations that I wish I could contribute. People are talking, as soon as you speak everyone wants to take yours a bit personal”, he explained unsatisfactorily.

On why he switched his style from the Twi tongue-twisting flow he broke into the scene with to the subpar English bars he churns out lately, this is what he had to say.

“It is up to you the artist if you’re leading your following to be able to determine what is good for you and for them. I get it that they were putting me in a box where the fast rap thing was a tag on me. People keep reminding me that, do you know you said this thing a few years back?

“And that was happening. The response from the crowd was how I was gauging how big the songs were….I stand for rap, so anything I’m doing concerning rap, I like it.”

Watch more of what he said in the interview below:

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